Shaharc - Beta tester 10/02/2010  
1. Mishuanubis 10/02/2010 It was the most amazing game i played in the last time. Thanks Tamk!!!
2. chantilly 10/02/2010 Great fun. Thanks for the puzzles.
3. spice1 10/02/2010 Thanks, Tammy - was tons of fun!
4. balmoral 10/02/2010 Thank you very much for this wonderful riddle. I really enjoyed it!
5. Clee 10/02/2010 Tammy my fingers hurt from writing and typing so much hehe Good job my dear :D
6. Kytten 10/02/2010 Thank you soooo much Tam!! That was a really enjoyable riddle - I loved every level!! :)
7. Robert 10/02/2010 Thank you for a marvelous riddle, with a great finish!
8. PEL45 10/02/2010 Fabulous riddle Tammy. Thanks so much for making it! Sadly, now back to real life and the laundry etc.
9. deecee 11/02/2010 Thanks Tammy for all the fun and yes, once again, headaches....really enjoy and appreciate all your hard work on your riddles.
10. Sena10 11/02/2010 Amazing work on this one my friend. Enjoyed so much your riddle! Thanks for making our time funnest! Hugs
11. mantha107 12/02/2010 Thank you so much, Tam! The riddle was amazing and one of the most fun I've done in a while. Thanks again!
12. shilee18 12/02/2010 Excellent riddle. thanks
13. Lucy 13/02/2010 wonderful riddle, Tamk ... I learned a lot and had so much fun ...Especially that level ...Thank you!
14. cae_prince 14/02/2010 This was an AMAZING riddle, Tammy! Absolutely enjoyed it! Look forward to your next :D
15. MarcL 16/02/2010 Thanks for making an entertaining and challenging game. It was enjoyable..
16. alleaffar 16/02/2010 Very nice game Tammy... I've done all, and waiting for a new one :-)raffa&lino
17. Gordon 17/02/2010 Thank you for the great riddles. It took me a long time but I got there in the end. Now waiting for for the next lot :D
18. puzzler2 17/02/2010 great contest thank you...really enjoyed it
19. chrisa.d 17/02/2010 thanks so much for the riddle, my friend. i had so much fun. i hope that you'll soon make an other one (or maybe add some levels??
20. Marja Seekles 17/02/2010 FINISHED THE RIDDLE!!!! That was fun. Thanks to those who helped along the way . And thanks TamK for helping me when I really got stuck.
21. Bronwyn/Aleatha 17/02/2010 That was a great riddle!!! Looking forward to your next one :D
22. QT-Suzie 18/02/2010 That was a great riddle!!! Looking forward to your next one :D
23. Epic 18/2/2010 Yay! I finished :) Thanks for the fun riddle.
24. boke 20/02/2010 Thanks. It was very fun and great riddle.
25. TbTn 22/02/2010 Thank you for the great riddle. it was very fun. :D
26. Abraxxass 22/02/2010 Thanks Tammy, great riddle, I really enjoyed it :). Now I'm looking forward to your next riddle :D
27. tungstenca 22/02/2010 Thanks for the fun riddle!
28. bella/eirol 24/02/2010 hi Tamk! thank you for the great riddle...:)I really really like it!
29. flowerbird 24/02/2010 TamK, it was very enjoyable riddle. Thank you very much :D I'm already waiting for next one :P
30. revithi 28/02/2010 For one more time, I really enjoy your riddle!!!!! Waiting for your next one!!!! Thank you!!!
31. Sparkino1 08/03/2010 Great game!!! Thank you very much!!!!
32. Luthorien 12/03/2010 Thank for this fun and great riddle!!!!
33. Lisa 09/04/2011 You made my dreams come true!!! Thanks Tammy for your big present!!! :D
34. Rovena 07/01/2013 Bravo Tamk!!!!!! Great, great riddle!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
35. Mary 13/01/2013 Really great this riddle! Tamk congratulations! Eagerly awaiting the next. Thank you very much!
36. LinR 01/02/2013 Thanks for the great riddle and for all the help and support. You made learning new things fun!
37. geri mac 01/02/2013 well done tamk on another great riddle
38. Tiffy 07/02/2013 Another great riddle thanks for holding my hand!!!!!
39. Ryoga 21/02/2013 \o/ great riddle! thanks for this
40. zottima 22/02/2013 :)
41. mtatt100 23/02/2013 Another great riddle Tamk thanks for making it
42. Cawulla 06/05/2014 Thanks TamK! Really enjoyed it! Looking forward to the next!
43. MissTerry 20/06/2014 thanks for the riddle :)
44. SwissMiss 20/06/2014 Thank you Tammie :)
45. linkinpark333 03/09/2015 Finally done! Yay! Very fun riddle:D
46. pichi 04/09/2015 After awhile, I have taken up this enigma. Finally done,this was a good game. Thanks TamK! :)
47. Molly 04/09/2015 a little late but we went back to very good thanks!!
48. Sevenfar 11/05/2016 Great riddle! Enjoy it!
49. Sainias 11/05/2016 Thank you TamK for such a GREAT riddle!